Saturday, July 31, 2004

Evil songbird la-di-da

evil songbird la-di-da
hypnotize my foie-de-gras
satisfied by merchant crimes
undisturbed chaotic times
scoop out my brain
with wheat-thin cranes
dish out cold stares
at raven's blares.

crows murder me
blows murder you
last Saturday screams
for society's screws.

When the babies have run
all the way to the head
and the doggies have done
bad crap to their friends
then the profits will climb
on top of themselves
and blue-eyed merle will scream:

Stick it in again!

This is my favourite dream:

Stick it into yourself!

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Wednesday hump day
wrap my legs around
the middle of the workweek
falling falling falling down
down to the weekend
clench my fist around
water passes; pissing on the ground.

a posted message
week's 'bout to begin
chest tightens 'round
another blue day again.

middle of the workweek.
Wednesday, pass the piss around
tattoo my skull humping
her coyote teasing frown
dry predictions of good things to come
falling, falling, falling, falling down.

solution to the workweek
pass that piss around
Grand Piano
falling falling falling down

face planted in the workday
accordion-man limps towards payday
trapped between frames
of a minimalist heyday

represent what's cold
pass out all around
represent what's fine
pass that piss around
tell me again, what's been told.
why you're so cold

Wednesday's meant to carry on.

Wednesday's been around.

Wednesdays eat my day.

eat my day....

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

and I quote

"There's no revenge, when someone dies of natural causes."

  - Abernethy the Clown (2002)

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Hector and Jesus

bismillah, pop, crackle, pop
dance in senility, dance till you stop.
dance to the beat of neurons collapse.

Daphne: What was that about?
Apostrophe: That was Hector, he thinks he's protecting his brother, Jesus.
D: Christ!
A: Yeah, that's their family name.
D: What was he yelling about!
A: Jesus comes to my cell everyday and asks me to piss in his eyes.
D: What kind of place is this?!
A: You do know that I'm in prison and not a spa?
D: yeah, yeah, so?
A: He wants me to piss in his eyes to cure his cataracts, so he doesn't go blind.
D: And Hector doesn't like that?
A: Yeah, sometimes Jesus gives me a handjob and I cum in his hair.
D: (sputters) You cum in his hair?!
A: Yeah, he rubs it in so he doesn't go bald.
D: Well that's gotta be worth something.
A: Yeah, Apostrophe's Piss and Cum Remedy endorsed by Jesus Christ himself.
(they crackup holding themselves and the guard tells Daphne she has to leave; she leaves, laughing.)

dance in the darkness dance in your head
dance till 6 billion have wandered off dead.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

ever wondered?

ever wondered how many American Military Bases there are and where they are?

What do you get when you take a street map of Iraq and stick a red pin at each location of a civilian killed by American/British firepower since March 19, 2003:

a) Between  11252 and 13213 red pins on a map.

b) very sad.

c) a Poisson distribution.

d) a and c.

e) all of the above.

Check out my new links if you're interested.

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Monday, July 26, 2004

change & Sweet

If I could change yesterday I would remove the both from a socket. Soon to come: audio.


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Sunday, July 25, 2004

A socket

I breathe out
                        amethyst falls to the ground
                                                                          sprinkling the earth at your feet.

I breathe in
                      the void fills both my eyes
                                                                     shattering my glasses replete.

                     filch and wrangle
                                                    lead me down spiral stairs.

                           emissions come equipped
                                                                         past habit extends beyond affairs.

I wrote a letter to my love
                                           and on the way I dropped it
                                                                                             a purple dildo picked it up
                                          and slid it home, a socket.

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Saturday, July 24, 2004

I thawd I thaw a sextet scream

sex-test sextet weave and moan
sexiest sex-tested sextet blowin' bones

suck the marrow from my femur baby
twist my spine out of shape
beat me sexless with the dried bone baby
cause my death braid my nape

sexiest cistern sextet splash and dive
sex-tested sinister sextet has arrived

slick the hair back from my crushed-skull baby
crack my back bleeding
scrape the bone-reed staccato knuckles feint
rinsed breath tactic flak-jacket (torn mask jack-off)
chewed without grapes chosen twisted schism sod-off

sexist sex-tested sextet bleed from stones
censored sestet sex-test paid for with moans

percussion-cough permission lost
advance on Moscow count the cost
nine-hundred and thirty reeds tweeting
send fire-trucks to Alexandria's lost
pharoah stan gerry john charlie and don
dead all dead we miss them most.

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

UntitledSonnet: UnRevised

Pumping water to the weights again
Rafting rapids lofty heights ahead
Porcelain goddess craft my mission clear
Rend me speechless so that I may hear
Words you lend to me from your high
Push me off of you lick your moistened thigh
Into the night I stalk the prisoned poem
Out of the light I tease a passioned moan
Strain my back-break unlash my mind
Peel me off of you my flesh your rind
Flay me tender understand my eyes
Wrists behind me repeat unbent whys

Undaunted virtue whips my lasting home
Unflaunted purpose quips a bastion honed

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