Wednesday, December 29, 2004

What's been Happening in Haiti?

Beloved Mayor Continues to Serve his Community from Hiding

Christmas in Haiti

US Installed Regime in Haiti Compensates former Brutal Military

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Haiti Venezuela

Message by Michelle Farshan at Fanmi Lavalas Rally

National Endowment for Death Squads: The AFL-CIO and the NED

Carlos Herrera: Well, who is funding you then? Chavez?

South American Common Currency should be Kingpin of the Bolivarian Revolution

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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Sunday, December 19, 2004.

Revealed: Haiti Bloodbath that Left Dozens Dead


U.S. Fails In Bid to Kill Off Kyoto Process

Castro Uses Abu Ghraib to Hit Back at U.S.

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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Haiti, Colombia and Venezuela

Massive Protest Demanding Aristide's Return In Haiti's Second Largest City

Why Say No To FTAA

Activists Urge Venezuela to Expose Abuses by the National Endowment for Democracy

Venezuela Hopes to Normalize Relations with U.S. in Spite of Recent Criticisms

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New Blog

This blog DBW will continue with links to stories about the ongoing AmeriKan wars. I will discontinue posting poetry and songs to DBW.

I have a new blog which I was originally going to call, bride of disemboweled by weasels, but decided that my blog was not a monster in need of a construcKted bride. Instead, I have called the new blog, disemboweled by weasels pokes a vein. I have begun by posting all the songs that were originally posted to DBW with a new feature, a downloadable MP3 link.

With the holiday season upon us I will be posting less often and once this season has completed I will get back to doing what I do doobee doobee doo.

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

"A Journalist is, by definition, a revolutionary." Gary Webb

Brazil's General Heleno Must Go From Haiti

Gary Webb: Do What He Did by Al Giordano at Narconews. Take your pick.

Canada Must Conduct An Ethical Foreign Policy by Samer Elatrash

Venezuela and Cuba Sign New Cooperation Agreements plus reaction from the U.S.A.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Beat Goes On

Deaths Reported as U.N. Enters Haiti Slum

Castro, Chavez Defy U.S. Trade Pact From Al-Jazeera via The Bolivia Times

John Bolton's Appointment Would Destroy State Department Credibility

The Coup That Keeps On Ticking: The Murder Of Danilo Anderson

Opposition Walks Out as National Assembly Appoints 17 New Justices to Venezuelan Supreme Court

Canada Myths and Realities

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

more haiti and more

Failing Haiti from the Washington Post

Haiti Is Not For Sale

LaTortue Visit Provokes Protest: Montreal Haitians Ask For Solidarity

What Labor Needs: Thousands of New Shop Stewards

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mountains sleep under blankets of fog

balcony, on the side of a short cliff
arrests the rain in it's perennial tumble
birds wake and explain they haven't had enough to eat
the bare trees afford a view of snow-capped mountains.

I throw off the night's comfort,
mouth dry from sleeping in dry heat,
stumble in the dark
remember a dream long enough to smile
and seek blankets again.

dreams elude me dark coffee sends for me
the smile of a young brown-eyed man
recognizing the vestiges of a dream
on my sleeve
startles me out of reverie into
a type laden jungle of stories of national desires
conquests and concrete instructions to maintain it all.

traffic evades me the dream now gone
I stumble about all day
knowing that sleep will drag me down
once more into her warm embrace.

mountains sleep under blankets of fog.

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Monday, December 13, 2004

how many articles of haiti's constitution have been violated?

Constitution of Haiti, 1987

constitution of the bolivarian republic of venezuela

For Nuclear Brazil, It's Good to have Friends in High Places

Haitian Refugees and Defenders Under Threat

Chavez Postpones 24 Hour Visit to Cuba

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

the information is out there

Jean Dominique Murder: three quarters of case file go missing

The Agronomist directed by Jonathan Demme is a documentary about Jean Dominique.

Canada, Nationalism and Empire Justin Podur Interviews David Orchard
thanks to Rene at Progressive Politics for finding this link for me.

Venezuela 'Deeply Troubled' By US Persecution of Journalists

Reporters Without Borders

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Saturday, December 11, 2004

just when you thought that I wasn't going to post anymore

Burying the Water: A Visit to Haiti by Kathy Kelly

Haiti: Colin Powell's Crime In Progress from The Black Commentator

Haiti's Ship Sails On Without a Captain and a Very Disreputable Crew

Paradise Lost: Costa Rica Falls Victim to Corruption and Clientelism when was the last time you read anything about Costa Rica, hmm?

Remember those charges laid against George W. Bush? Hmm? Here's the update.

CIA Documents Cast New Light On Washington's Role in Venezuela

Venezuela Signs South American Integration

That letter I sent out about Haiti (see Thursday December 9) received a reply from Libby Davies. She said that she had forwarded the letter to Alexa McDonough and that the NDP was in support of the return of Aristide. Of course I have sent her a thank you letter.

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Thursday, December 09, 2004

So, I wrote this letter and sent it.

Honourable Members of Parliament:

it has come to my attention that you will be meeting with members of the current interim government of Haiti. As these are people who have not been elected and are in their positions contrary to the Haitian constitution I believe it is my duty to be appalled.

You have also decided to exclude members of Lavalas who represent the grassroots and the will of the people, who in 2000, elected Aristide as their leader, to govern until 2006. This was done under the constitution of Haiti. That you would support interim leaders who have involved themselves with the oppression and killing of Haitians who would have Aristide returned, tells me that you support violence as a means to govern. Again, I must say, that it is my duty to be appalled. I would also say that I am ashamed, but I believe that that has become your duty.

Please support the return of Aristide and the return to a democratically elected government for the people of Haiti.

Arnie Hoffman

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Urgent! Action Required!


On December 10 and 11, 2004 Gerald Latortue and others from the Haitian diaspora with zero credibility with the masses in Haiti will be meeting in Montreal with Canadian Prime Minister, Paul Martin, Foreign Minister Pierre Pettigrew and others to decide the destiny of Haiti. None of the officially designated spokespersons for the Lavalas party nor any credible grassroots peace and justice leaders for Haiti, abroad or in Haiti, with an active following, are invited.

In fact, it is these participants opinion that "Lavalas is the past" and only those chosen by Canada to attend shall have a say in what is to be done with Haiti and its nine million people, their culture, domestic economy, group identity and revolutionary legacy.

The Canadians and internationals are talking, among other things, about putting Haiti under the long term tutelage of foreigners as a "protectorate." Obviously, with this talk of a "protectorate" the idea of free and fair elections has taken a back seat, perhaps for as long as 10 to 20 years, the numbers being thrown about for this "protectorate" to be imposed on Haiti's helpless peoples.

We urge our entire network in Canada to write, call and fax Paul Martin and Pierre Pettigrew to denounce this flagrant attempt to further isolate Haiti's poor and steal their right to choose their own leaders and representatives. Those who live in the U.S. may e-mail Paul Martin and Pierre Pettigrew as follows: , , , , and with cc's to:,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .

bcc: (See, Canadian Officials Contact info below for detail on these e-mails addresses.)


l. Montreal Conference with the Chalabis of Haiti by Marguerite Laurent, December 6, 2004
2.The Official invitation to the Canadian Conference on Dec. 11-12, 2004
(See also, The Focal paper at: , (in French & English). This Canadian Foundation For the America's paper reveals part of the agenda to be discussed: The Role for Canada in Post-Aristide Haiti: Structures, Options and Leadership!!!)

Montreal Conference with the Chalabis of Haiti
by Marguerite Laurent, December 6, 2004

Below is an announcement of a Conference to be held by the Chalabis of Haiti* and their International sponsors in Canada on December 10 and 11, 2004.

The same Canadian officials, who conspired to destroy Haiti's democracy with the forceful removal of Haiti's elected government, are currently in the process of following through with the international community's ultimate plans to place Haiti under direct occupation with the pretext of an "international protectorate." To that end, Canadian foreign Minister Pierre Pettigrew is holding a meeting with the Chalabis of Haiti on December 10-11, 2004 in Montreal. The Government of Canada is proceeding with its war on the Haitian people in the form of this new conference ostensibly to be attended by the "leaders in the Haitian community abroad." However, the leaders in the Haitian community who have credibility with the grassroots movements for democracy in Haiti are not invited or welcomed to attend this meeting. Yes! Authorized Lavalas officials and grassroots leaders from Haiti and abroad are not invited. Thus, this is simply another Canadian attempt, like the Ottawa Initiative, to further humiliate the people of Haiti.

We at the Haitian Lawyers' Leadership take this opportunity to state that the Chalabis of Canada, like Gerald Latortue and his "interim government," have absolutely no popular base in Haiti or abroad.

Nothing shall endow the Chalabis of Haiti with credibility they do not own. We again denounce, in the strongest of terms, all efforts whatsoever, by these un-electable warmongers to take completely from the Haitian people, their right to self-rule, their independence and dignity.

Moreover, the Canadian officials calling for this conference have no credibility with protecting the rule of law in Haiti. ( ) They are not unbiased. This new "Ottawa Initiative" conference, to be held in Canada next week, is just as reprehensible as the first one in January 2003.

No resolution to come out of this new "Ottawa Initiative", this time with the Chalabis of Haiti actually in the room, in attendance with the foreign interventionist, shall have any validity or be relevant whatsoever to the pro-democracy movement and resistance against such organized tyranny in Haiti or aborad.

"We are under extreme pressure from the international community to use violence," General Augusto Heleno Ribeiro told a congressional commission in Brazil. "I command a peacekeeping force, not an occupation force ... we are not there to carry out violence, this will not happen for as long as I'm in charge of the force."

He cited the United States, France and Canada among countries pressing for the use of force against armed groups." ( )

For two hundred years, Haiti's greatest problem has been foreign domination, debt and dependency.

No receivership by the U.N. nor by any U.N official, whether his name is Gerald Latortue or Kofi Annan, is an acceptable solution to the problem forced-on the Haitian people when Canada, France and the U.S. conspired with these Chalabis of Haiti to overthrow the democratically elected government of Haiti.

By any means necessary, we commit, that, in this year marking Haiti's 200th anniversary of independence, no occupation shall be legitimized or given a credible "Haitian" facade. This new attempt by Canada, to choose Haitians with absolutely no democratic constituency, both abroad and in Haiti, to better exploit what is left of the Haitian people's dignity and revolutionary legacy is evil and reprehensible.

Colonialism is an act of war. Haitians worldwide intend to come together to denounce, in one voice, all efforts by the morally repugnant elites of Haiti and their various petit bourgeois wannabees, abroad or in Haiti, to legitimize rule by gun, violence, foreign troops and through feeding the world lies about their dirty hands and good and benevolent intentions. Only free and fair elections in Haiti is acceptable to good-willed Haitians authentically concerned with peace and security for the currently disenfranchised Haitian nation. No Bosnia or African-continent-type receivership by the Western powers shall be deemed a "helpful alternative" to the current chaos and destruction forced upon the Haitian people by the international community led by the United States, Canada and France and the Chalabis of Haiti.

We demand the immediate return of the rule of law to Haiti and respect for the ballot box.
Paul Martin and Pierre Pettigrew's efforts to cement the Feb. 29, 2004 victory over the ballot by putting a "Haitian face" to the Canadian/France/US-led effort to re-colonize the people of Haiti are transparent and repulsive to the extreme, not to mention another callous example of their bottomless racism.

No Haitian worthy of the gift of liberty fought and bled for by our African ancestors shall stand silent as this final humiliation is being metered upon all of us by Paul Martin, Pierre Petttigrew, Jack Chirac or George W. Bush and the Chalabis of Haiti. We shall agitate, agitate, agitate until Haiti is free, all political prisoner liberated and the Chalabis of Haiti and their death squad mercenaries are brought to justice.

Marguerite Laurent, Esq.
Founder and Chair, Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
December 7, 2004

*The Chalabis of Haiti spread disinformation about the destabilization and overthrow of Haiti's Constitutional government, recognize the illegitimate Latitude as their leader and cannot agree to free and fair elections in Haiti because they owe their jobs and positions with the international community from supporting the rule of force, the former military, the FRAPH assassins and drug dealers, the killing of the poor resisters of their brutality and from the orchestrated chaos and social inequities in Haiti. With reference to this Montreal Conference, they are all Haitians who attend this travesty and, in particular those publicly identified to be going to said thieving gathering to further try and sell the last shreds of the Haitian peoples" sovereignty and dignity:

Gerald Latortue
Guillaume B(Babaras Chanteuse),
Jonas Pierre-louis, Faroll?
Harry Clerveau (syndicaliste )

Romain E(Eugenia) B.Dorvil
Anne Matellus
Group 184
Members of the former Haitian military and FRAPH
All supporters of the violent overthrow of Haiti's democratically elected government.
And, bitter ex-Lavalas with an ax to grind or who where bought-off by the Chalabis and Mr. Let's-Hoard-It-All-Imperialist.



Prime Minister Paul Martin - ,
Pierre Pettigrew : / /
Pierre Pettigrew, Ministre des Affaires Etrangeres, Edifice Lester B Pearson Tour A, 10e Etage 125 Promenade Sussex, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0G2, 2348 Jean-Talon Est, Place 200, Montreal, Quebec.H2E 1V7.

CC: Jacques Saada : /
Irwin Cotler :
John Graham : /

Stephen Harper, chef de lâ opposition officielle :
Stephen Harper, Chef de l'opposition et chef du Parti Conservateur, Chambre des
Communes, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A OA6,Â; 130 rue Albert Bureau 1720, Ottawa (Ont) K1P 5G4 ; 774, Boul. Decarie, Bureau 210, Montreal, (St-Laurent), Qc H4L 3LS

Stockwell Day, Affaires Etrangeres : / /
John Reynolds, leader de l'opposition à la Chambre des Communes : /

Ted Menzies, cooperation internationale : /

Chuck Strahl, leader adjoint de l'opposition la Chambre des Communes : /

Josee Verner, Agence de developpement economique du Canada pour les regions du Quebec, la Francophonie : /

Gilles Duceppe, Chef du BQ : / /

Francine Lalonde, Affaires Etrangeres et présidente du caucus des Affaires étrangères : /

Odina Desrochers, Amerique latine et Afrique : / / /
Diane Bourgeois, Cooperation internationale : / /

Guy Andre, Francophonie internationale : /
NPD-Quebec :
Jack Layton, Chef du Npd :
Jack Layton, chef du NPD , Chambre des Communes, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A OA6, ;279 Laurier West suite 300, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5J9

Bill Blaikie, Chef-adjoint du NPD : /

Alexa McDonough, Affaires Etrangeres : / /




Conference de Montreal avec la Diaspora Haitienne
10-11 Decembre 2004
Centre Mont-Royal, 2222 rue Mansfield
Montreal, Québec, Canada

Le Ministre des Affaires Etrangeres du Canada,l'honorable Pierre Petttigrew,et la Ministre de la cooperation internationale du Canada,l'honorable Alleen Caroll,sont heureux de vous inviter à la conference de Montreal avec la Diaspora haitienne ,les 10-11 decembre 2004. A cette occasion,le Premier Ministre du Canada,le tres honorable Paul Martin s'adressa à l'assistance samedi en matinee. Nous esperons pouvoir vous compter parmi nous pour cet evenement important.Veuillez noter que l'acces à cette conference se fait sur invitation seulement.Nous vous prions donc de confirmer par courriel: ou par telephone au 613562-0005 poste 227,avant mardi le 7decembre.

Merci aux organisations de limiter leur participation à deux representants.


Vendredi 10 decembre

17:00-19:00 Inscription des participants

19:00-21:00 Ouverture de la Conference-Allocutions

1 Ministre des affaires du canada,co-president de la conference
2 Ministre de la cooperation internationale Aileen Carroll,co-presidente de la conference
3 Premier Ministre du Quebec Jean Charest
4 Maire de Montreal M Gerald Tremblay
5 Presentation du Ministre haitien des Haitiens vivant à l'etranger, Le defacto
Alix Baptiste.


Samedi 11 decembre

9:00-9:15 Inauguration officielle de la conference par le Premier Ministre du Canada..
9:15-9:30 Mots de bienvenue par les Ministres Pierre Pettigrew et Allen Carroll
9:30-10 Le ministre defacto Roland Pierre Planification et de la Cooperation Externe.
10:00-10:40 Ambassadeur Juan Gabriel Valdes(MINUSTAH) sur la situation Actuelle en Haiti
10;40-11:25 Panel 1-L'engagement du Canada au CCI
11:25-13:00 Panel 2
Modes D'engagement de la Diaspora
Representant de la Diaspora des Etats-unis et De la France
Projet du Premier Congres Mondial de la Diaspora Haitienne
Suivi de questions
NB (Ã noter qu'il y aura un moderateur et un rapporteur professionel pour chaque Parnel)

13:00-14:30 Dejeuner et intervention du Premier Ministre Defacto
Gerard Latortue
Le theme de l'intervention portera sur l'apport potentiel
additionnel de la diaspora dans le cadre du CCI.

14:30-16:15 Discussions en Groupes de travail
Secteurs prioritaires du CCI et la contribution de la diaspora.
Gouvernance Politique
Dialogue Nationale
Gouvernance economique et developpement institutionnel
Relance economique
Acces aux services de base.

16:15-16:30 Pause Sante
16:30-17:30 Resultats des groupes de travail presentes par les rapporteurs en pleniere

17:30_17:45 Conclusion de la Conference par les Ministres Allen Carroll et Pierre Petttigrew

Conseil d'administration de la Journee

Une equipe sous la Direction de Guillaume B(Babaras Chanteuse),
Jonas Pierre-louis,Faroll?
Harry Clerveau (syndicaliste )
Romain E(Eugenia) B.Dorvil

Ordre et Discipline : Anne Metellus

Adresse du Spectacle :
Centre Mont-Royal.
2220, rue Mansfield,
Montreal, Canada (centreville)

Forwarded by the Haitian Lawyers Leadership
"Men anpil chay pa lou" is Kreyol for - "Many hands make light a heavy load."
See, The Haitian Leadership Networks' 7 "men anpil chay pa
lou" campaigns to help restore Haiti's independence, the will of the mass electorate and the rule of law. See,
and .

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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Workers of the World Unite: What a Good Idea!

Workers Of The World Are Uniting

ICFTU: International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

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Guyana President Says CARICOM Position On Haiti Justified

Stop the Killings In Haiti Now - Myrtha Desulme

Canada To Exterminate Lavalas by Anthony Fenton. I'm going to send this article, links and all to my MP, Libby Davies, and see how she responds, if she responds. I'll cc it to Layton and McDonough.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

the good and the bad

Problems and Opportunities For Citizen Power in Venezuela

Extermination of Lavalas by Kevin Pina and Dennis Bernstein

Colombia and Venezuela: Labour in Canada Builds Solidarity

Next Leader of the O.A.S. Still an Open Question

Dec. 6 and Massacres

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Monday, December 06, 2004

For Your Consideration

Parecon In Turkey: a speech by Michael Albert

Chile's Divorce Law: Chilean Women Celebrate Gaining Right to Divorce

How Los Alamos is Driving the Development of New Nuclear Weapons

Chavez Tells Artists and Intellectuals at Venezuelan Conference to Go On Offensive

The Ukrainian Elections: A Dangerous Fairy-Tale by Justin Podur

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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Please read this letter from Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein

Letter from Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis for more background, see their film, 'The Take.'

And there's a petition where you can leave your virtual imprint.

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From Marguerite Laurent and the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

Massacre in Haiti's prisons

If you thought the Latortue regime and the U.S. sponsored massacres and destruction of Constitutional democracy in Haiti couldn't get worst, you would be wrong. Reports coming out of Haiti reveal the Haitian "police" simply assassinated at least 10 of the helpless and unarmed prisoners they are holding as hostages in the National Penitentiary.

Reports also indicates bodies are taken from the jail and dumped in mass graves at night so that the world would not know how many are being murdered. Meanwhile Colin Powell, that modern-day Black slave trader, is asking the colonial tentacles in the form of U.N. Brazilian troops, to kill "arm gangs." "Arm gangs" as we know mean the civilian population that doesn't live in the exclusive areas of La Boule, Kenskoff, et al. Kill the people who are resisting reoccupation and dictatorship. This order is Powell's final legacy to Haiti and the world's peasants and it pretty much sums up the achievements of his long career since his role in the Vietnam My Lai massacres.

How the people of Haiti will ever heal from these atrocities is more than I can imagine. The absolutely grotesque part of this is that the pressure to kill more continues to be given by international "statesmen" the caliber of Colin Powell, and his counterparts in Canada, France. The seemingly "beautiful" people of the world "elites".......

"We are under extreme pressure from the international community to use violence," General Augusto Heleno Ribeiro told a congressional commission in Brazil. "I command a peacekeeping force, not an occupation force ... we are not there to carry out violence, this will not happen for as long as I'm in charge of the force."

He cited the United States, France and Canada among countries pressing for the use of force against armed groups." ( )

The Ottawa Initiative, as far back as March 2002, indicated that the Western powers thought there were too many blacks in Haiti. ( ) The killing spree and plan to put Haiti under their inhumane "protectorate" is proceeding very nicely soaked in the blood of Haiti's innocent people whose only real crime is their desire and efforts to establish a democratic society.

Were is the world's outrage? Are a black woman's issues still chattel to be slaughtered indiscriminately by proxies for the former slave owning governments? These dark ages policies, this Bush Regime and it's genocidal consequences for Haiti are simply Medieval. There is no pain, no grief, no anguish, no suffering greater than to be Haitian living within this hostile American Mediterranean in 2004. Hold on my people. Kenbe fem. Kenbe red fanm vayan mwen yo. Pa lage. Don't relent.

Marguerite Laurent, Esq.
Chair, Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
December 4, 2004

Forwarded by the Haitian Lawyers Leadership

"Men anpil chay pa lou" is Kreyol for - "Many hands make light a heavy load."

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What's going to happen to Cuba?

The Pathology of George Bush by Fidel Castro

Brazil and U.S. Join Efforts to Fight Sex Slavery

How Low Will Brazil's Lula Go to Please Washington?

Is Brazil Selling Out Haiti For It's Own Gain?

Straight From the Weasel's Mouth G.W. Bush speech from October 2003 in which he lays out his plan for Cuba.

Cuba After the 2004 U.S. Elections by Salim Namrani

So, it looks like life is going to get harder for Cuba. This still goes on even after numerous UN resolutions to lift the embargo.

Canada-Cuba relations - this was updated august 19, 2004. I wonder where it stands now with Paul Martin's new relationship with G.W. Bush. Bears watching.

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Friday, December 03, 2004

And, of course, there's always more....

The What If? Foundation providing hope and opportunity to children in Haiti.

Brazil's Peacekeeping Mission in Haiti: Doing God's or Washington's Work?

Campesinos Take On Globalization Goliath news from Bolivia.

Oh, before I go, I received a reply to the letter I sent to the Foreign Affairs Minister and all the opposition critics. The reply was from the Conservative Party Foreign Affairs critic, Stockwell Day. This is the response:

Thanks very much for taking the time to get in touch with me and with

others. Our Party's position is that the government of Canada must
always put our Sovereignty and best interests first, on all issues.

We should work with other nations and with other groups of nations as
often as we can, as long as our own Sovereignty in decision making is

Stockwell Day, M.P.
Official Opposition Foreign Affairs Critic

so far, his is the only response I've received.

have a nice day!

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From Anthony Fenton, admittedly short notice

Though, I'm told there will be more screenings.

Haiti:Killing Democracy
a documentary in progress
by Kevin Pina
Screening of documentary footage covering events since the February 29th
France supported overthrow of democratically elected President Jean Bertrand
***********Live Discussion with Kevin Pina************
Friday December 3
Dogwood Center 706 Clark drive
Presented by the Haiti Action Committee
Endorsed by and Cuban Friendship Association

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New Haiti Links

As you know, information concerning Haiti has not been easy to find, particularly in the mainstream media. I have been added to a mailing list by Marguerite Laurent whose website, leads to information about current campaigns, the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network is working on. Plus, I'll be receiving more current information.

April 6, VT Citizens Lobby

Award-Winning Novelist Edwidge Danticat Blasts "Discriminatory and Brutal" U.S. Asylum Policy in Death of Uncle Father Joseph Dantica died in U.S. custody after he fled Haiti to seek political asylum in the U.S.

Dominican Republic: Fear for safety/ Intimidation

Dominican Republic: Haitians Face Abuse And Extortion At The Hands of the Authorities

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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Haiti and War Crime Charges

What the Hell is Going on in Haiti?

Colin Powell in Haiti

Whose Violence? by Leo Panitch

Rumsfeld, Others may be investigated, tried by German court

President George Bush Charged in Provincial Court bojibbety! Yet it went unreported!

The Man Who Walks With Dinosaurs who else? Stockwell Day. Why doesn't Stephen Harper ask this Foreign Affairs critic to resign? I think I'll send this to Pierre Pettigrew, Alexa McDonough
and Claude Bachand.

have a nice day!

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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

What's the good news, Charlie Brown?

Community Radio, Dancing Grandmothers, and Music: a Typical Venezuelan Barrio let's dance!

Citizen Power and Venezuela's Local Public Planning Councils ideas worth reading about

Venezuela Colombia: To Washington's Chagrin, Economics Bridge Ideological Divide

Kerry and the Gift of Impunity by Naomi Klein

There was a demonstration yesterday in Vancouver, though I haven't seen it reported in local media. It gathered at Canada Place then marched to the American Consulate. My favourite chant was the simple, "Bush, Go Home." Outside the consulate there was a statue of Bush with a rope around it to pull it down. After the speeches, Jim Sinclair, pulled it down.

There may have been a thousand protesters from various groups and of course many were there just because they wanted to have their say in public. There were no acts of overt violence ( there were no physical barricades to overcome and admittedly the statue served to focus everyones outrage) and after the speeches, the pulling down and the inevitable fundraising everyone went off to have lunch.

have a nice day!

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